Is Stages Music a factory authorized dealer for the products we sell?

  • Yes, Stages Music is a factory authorized dealer for all the new brands and products we sell. However, used products do not fit into this category and some small things like accessories do not have or require dealerships.

Does Stages Music sell only factory fresh "A" stock?

  • Yes, Stages Music sells only "A" stock factory fresh products. All products in the Stages Shopping cart database are new and factory fresh only. The only exception to this is on rare occasions when factory seconds are made available to Stages Music. In this case the products are clearly marks as being "B" stock or factory seconds and are only listed in our closeout section.

Does Stages Music ship COD?

  • No, under no circumstances will Stages Music ship COD.

Where is my tracking number?

  • If you ordered from Stages Music and you are in the United States or Canada, your order is shipped using UPS. Our shipping services with UPS are completely automated and you will be sent an automatically generated email with your tracking number the minute your product ships. If you have not received this email, your product has not shipped yet. If you are ordering from outside the U.S. or Canada your order is shipped via US mail and you were given 3 choices as to how fast and how much you wanted to pay for delivery. The only US mail service that comes with tracking numbers is the most expensive one, US Express. If you did not select this shipping service than there is no tracking number. If you did select this service you can email Stages Musicfor your tracking number.

What if my order is not in stock?

  • If you place an online order and the item(s) you ordered are not in stock you will receive and email with the estimated date of arrival of your product. Sometimes items are backordered with the manufacturer. If this is the case every effort will be made to let you know an estimated shipping date. Manufacturers are notorious for making claims that they never follow through with and should an item take longer than originally told by the manufacturer, Stages Musicassumes no liability or responsibility. Our pledge to the customer is that we will accurately and truthfully report to you what the manufacturer tells us.

Do I have to Pay tax?

  • No, unless you are in Arizona in which case sales tax will be added.

Who pays the duty or VAT on an international order?

  • The customer is 100% responsible for all duties and vats associated with their order. It is not feasible for Stages Music to even be able to tell the customer if duties or vat will be charged, nor how much they will be. International order customer must check with their local authorities.

On my international order, will you declare the value as less than it really is so I don't have to pay as much duty or VAT?

  • No. We constantly get this request and we will not intentionally falsify documents or be dishonest on the customs forms for any reason.

Does Stages Music match other stores prices?

  • Yes, Stages Music will meet or beat other stores verifiable prices all the way down to dealer cost. If a store is selling something below dealer cost we are not obligated to match or beat it.

Can you send me a catalog?

  • No, Stages Music's catalog is online only

I cant Find what I am looking for, do you carry it?

  • We might, not everything we sell is in our online catalog - Give us a call at 1-800-964-4720 or email us

Where do I go for warranty service?

  • You can either send the product back to Stages Music (this is the slowest way to get your product fixed) and then we send it to the manufacturer for you and then it gets sent back to us and then we send it back to you, or you can simply cut us out of the middle and send your product directly back to the manufacturer (this is the fastest and cost-effective way to get your product fixed) Either way, be aware that the customer is responsible for paying for the shipping of the item to the obtain warranty service.

How long is the warranty?

  • Your warranty is with the manufacturer of your product. Each product and manufacturer is different. Consult your owners manual for details on your warrant. Stages Music itself offers no warranties on any of the products it sells.


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