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Need to Rent or Buy? Visit either of our 2 convenient store locations. We rent YOUR school’s band and string instruments. New or "Like New". Trusted-Reliable brands. Rent month to month. No long term commitment. Rent to own. Family "budget" rental prices starting at just $18.99 a month. Rent with Confidence! We are affiliated with a nationwide instrument rental company that proudly supports the “Save The Music Foundation”. Of over 250 nationwide affiliates we have consistently ranked among their Top 20 providers. You will LOVE our instruments & friendly service. (Read on)

 Band Instruments: Rent or Buy?
Band Instruments come in a variety of models and price ranges. Although we sell, rent and service new and used instruments from student to professional models, the most affordable and most popular ones are the STUDENT MODELS. There are good arguments for either purchasing or renting the instrument.

By purchasing the instrument you have immediate and total ownership of the instrument for about the same price as a year’s rental. Many folks choose to buy the instrument with the thought that even if their child does not continue to play it, they can sell it to recoup the cost, pass it on to another family member or donate it to a local music school program that may be in need of instruments. You also have the option to return your purchased instrument to us to place on consignment at our store to recoup some of the costs.

Renting the instrument may make sense if you’re not sure if the student will take an extended interest in it or wants to switch instruments midway through the season. Something else to consider is the maintenance cost of the instrument. ALL instruments require periodic adjusting and aligning to keep them in optimum playing condition, especially in the busy hands of elementary students. These are "normal use" adjustments that are typically not covered by a manufacturer or store warranty. The costs can add up quickly at an average $35 per visit. Maintenance is included in our rentals. Another benefit of renting is that as long as you continue to rent, you can apply all of your monthly base rental payments towards the purchase of the instrument.

Unlike many other retailers, we keep our rental agreements very easy and straightforward. With our rentals you pay as you go - month to month - by check or credit card, with no long-term commitment. We don’t change the price on you midway through the rental, and we have a zero deductible in case the instrument is lost or stolen. When you are done with the instrument, you simply return it to us.

Buying Used Instruments On-line
We have seen it all too many times where parents resort to Internet Auction sites to find what they think is an “incredible deal” on a used instrument. Problem is – They don’t know where it’s been and many are surprised to find that it requires a complete overhaul to make it function properly, if at all….. Example: New pads for a flute or clarinet can run $200+. All of our “New” and “Like New” instruments are “shop certified” to be in optimal playing condition and sanitized.

A Word About “Renting at Your School”
Usually at the beginning of the school year, band teachers often hold “Band Nights” in their cafeterias or multi-purpose rooms, where parents are introduced to local music retailers eager to rent you an instrument “on the spot”. This event, while presented as a “convenience” for parents can end up being more costly & confusing to unsuspecting parents seeking knowledge about the instruments and important details of the rental agreement. (Each company is different) Although we attend these events, we also encourage parents to consider avoiding the “BAND NIGHT” confusion & frustration by coming to our store, talking with our friendly specialists, and picking up the instrument when it’s convenient for you. We normally have a larger selection of the same brand instruments at our store as the ones that are offered at your school - at the same great price. You may also avoid all the hassle and order your instrument right here on our Website to be delivered to our closest store near you. (Free Shipping)

 What Else Do You Need?
Many school band & strings teachers use a combination of different music method books and have special requirements for instruments and supplies for their specific school. We have contacted each school directly and have assembled a list of all the recommended items that can be purchased here on our website or at our stores. (click on your school) We stock a variety of brand name rental instruments that are perfect for students to learn and practice with. These instruments are the ones known and approved by band teachers locally and nationwide.


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